Sandra | Photography

Meie shuut sandraga oli selline juba pikemat aega kùpsenud asi .Algselt tuli see idee selle jaoks ,et mul ol mõttes tehaväike projekt erinevate vàrvidega ja see oleks olnud imelik kui mu kallike ei oleks saanud tema lemmik vàrvi ja no see idee arenes koguaeg kuni jòudis selleni ,et Sandrast sai reaalis dark queen .
Need valgustused tulid mängu täiesti ootmatult, üks hetk mòtlesin, et tavai prooviks ja pildid nendega tulid ikka ùli choolid ♡
Our shoot with Sandra had been in our minds for  quite a while. At first this idea popped in to my mind for a project which enhances different colors and it would have been really weird if my dear wouldnt have got her favorite color, so this idea enrolled all the time until it cme to this, that Sandra really turned in to a dark queen. 
Thos lights came in to the shoot unexpectedly, at one moment I thought, that oky ill try to make some pictures with them and the results are really cool.

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