Random pictures pictures from my phone

Maailmas on väheseid asju mis mind ärritavad. No kui aus olla siis neid ikka jätkub aga üks asi mis suudab tuju ikka kihva keerata on see, kui su läppakas lihtsalt sussid püsti viskab. Mul küll pole ta omadega täiesti pees,  vaid lihtsalt otsustas, et ta hakkab  freezima ühest kohast ja edasi ei liigu, nii vahva. Tahtsin küll jagada oma ägedaid pilte Hiiumaast (kus ma käisin esimest korda elus :O )või siis pilte meie lambidest tripist Paldiski aga kuna need on kõik läpakas siis jagan teiga oma random pilte telefonist, jehuu pange vaim valmis, sest siin on ikka omaette pärleid 😀 

There arent a lot of things in this world that piss me off. Okay if im going to be completly honest then theres quite a long list of things that can drive me crazy but one thing, what is a total moodkiller, is when your laptop decides to commit a suicide and dies between your hands. Well theres still a slight chance to bring it back to life, because it turns on but freezes on startup and from there on it doesnt do anything, its so awesooome. I really wanted to share my smashing pictures of Hiiumaa (where i wemt to for the first time ×O)  Or pictures from our random trip to Paldiski buuuuut all of those fun pics are in my laptop, then im going to share random pictures from my phone, I know, its dazzling, atleast its something but enough with the jadajada, prepare your minds for some brilliant pics 😀 

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