Kaia-liisa | Photography

Kaia on alati olnud see hull, kes tuleb muga isegi lumega pildistama ja see kord suht sama moodi, kuigi ilm oli fantast ilus aga kuradi külm . 
Seekord me tegime natuke tavalisemaid portreesi but coming soon on midagi eriti khuuli ja müstilist .See shoot ootab nüüd natu soojemaid ilmasi ja palju ,palju ,palju kangast mis vajab soetamist . Juhuslikult keegi teab head kangapoodi kust saaks hea hinnaga langevat kangast ? 🙂  

Kaia has always been this crazy person who comes with me to a photoshoot when theres still even snow on the ground and this time it was kind of the same situation eventhough the weather was fantastically beautiful but freaking cold.

This time we shooted more ordinary portraits but buckle up because soon there will be coming something really cool and mystical. Right now this shoot is waiting for warmer weathers and a looooooot of fabric that has to be bought. Does amyone by any chance knows any awesome fabricstores  where you can buy light fabric with good price?

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