Hello 2016 !

2016 is here and i haven’t done a recap on 2015 and haven’t made actual goals for 2016 so here it goes, what normal people do in the end of the year 🙂

So 2015 was actually a good year even tho it had it’s up’s and downs but if i look back at it i can see that it was a fun year!

  • Shot my first wedding! 
  • Went to defqon.1 for the second time!
  • Shoot a lot of pretty people
  • Created some pretty epic photos if i may say 
  • Had some really funny moments and fun whit some crazy people
  • Traveled 

So my plans, hopes, dreams for the year of 2016?

  • Take more and more photos well at least try 
  • Go reexploring ( explore the places i explored again )
  • Make my blog more original 
  • Get my first tattoo 
  • Travel somewhere new
  • Find myself
  • Visit a big hardstyle event 
and now some of my favourite photos from this year.

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